The most notable information shared is your current step count, which is updated throughout the day as you sync tracked steps from your Striiv device to the app. Your progress throughout the day is plotted on a timeline style tile seen on the Striiv app home screen, which serves as a quick way to compare your current progress against friends. 

Tapping this friends tile will display the specific step counts and last synced time for each friend. Tapping "You" will display your personal best and daily average stats - the same data summaries view will display for each friend you select from the list. 

To change your profile picture, tap into "You" and tap the profile picture circle shown above "You". This will pull up your photo gallery. Simply select the desired picture, and it will be applied as the new profile picture. Note: a notification may appear asking for permission to allow the Striiv app access to your photo galleries - this permission is purely used for your profile picture editing abilities. 

If you're having trouble viewing friends' stats or updating your profile picture, feel free to email us at and we'll help you out!