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Battery issues

My tracker is only 6 weeks and it will barely hold a charge. I switched from a Fitbit because the band kept falling apart. Not happy that this is having problems already :(

Does it charge to 100% and run down quickly, or is it not charging adequately to start with?

Hi Loraine - we'd ask pretty much the same thing - what tracker are you using, and is it draining quickly once it's fully charged, or is it taking too long to charge in the first place?

It is the Striiv Bio. It would charge fully but then run out of battery in a few hours. I did a factory reset as was recommended from the company and it seems to be doing well so far. It's been2 days, so we will see. I'm about to give up on trackers. I can't seem to find one that is reliable for more than a few weeks :(

Hi Loraine - I'm going to convert this into a ticket so one of our agents can work with you directly. You definitely should be seeing more than a few hours of battery life!

Thanks, Mike. It seems to be Ok since Sunday when I did the reset.
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