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fusion wont bond

 hello folks:

i am at my wits end i have tried everything to connect my stiff fusion to my samsung note 3 and nothing , and i looked at at the video, blogs and guides and did them with no luck if anyone know anything i can try please let me know i will give it another change

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im with you ive been having the same issue its not connecting to my moto x and its a pain communication between customers, and the support team please help we as customers need a strong support team to back up our issues.

Hi Greg -- Please try to connect your Fusion to your Note 3 two times, then immediately send us a feedback ticket from within the Striiv app itself. To do this, open the Striiv app, tap the Menu button (three horizontal lines in the upper left corner of the screen), tap Feedback, then tap the speech bubble in the upper right corner. Please include your device name and the issue you're having in the message. This will allow us to see your phone's logs and better troubleshoot your pairing issues.

Hi Travis -- I see your ticket in our system! We appreciate your patience as Mike goes through various troubleshooting steps so we can get you paired up

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