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Striiv Play

I updated my iPhone & my Striiv app stopped working. I reinstalled & the app is completely different! My friends named r there listed as 0. My my Land is gone! I am signed in. Did Striiv change, was this supposed to happen. Not enjoying my Play at all right now, hv been using Stiiv for abt 4 years.

We did update the app last month, and things do look a bit different. We've made the move to web-based charts, so your stats and friends' stats may not update immediately like before; however, the change should allow us to improve the app experience much more flexibly, which is a good thing.

Your info should all be there, though, so try signing out of the app and then back in again -- MyLand should reappear with all progress intact. Let me know how it goes!

That worked! I signed out & signed in again, I'm sure I tried it before but I'm delighted to hv my prev my land back! I miss the relays but the new format/layout is nice. Thanks!

Glad to hear it! You are very welcome!

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