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Mileage way off on striiv touch

Today I walked a 10k (race) and my mileage on my striiv only showed 4.8 miles that is so far off and hardly accounts for all that I did for the day. 1 mile is roughly 2000 steps and I had over 12,000 today and it showed 4.8. Something is not correct on your algorithm. Pretty disappointed in this product.

Hi Karlee, sounds like you need to adjust your stride length under user settings in the app menu. Have a look at the following article for more info on this:

I have the same problem with my striiv Touch as Neil. The problem is not the stride lenght but instead the number of steps perceived by the Touch. I've noticed many times, by calculating my number of steps white walking, that the Touch number of steps is 80% to sometimes 50% lower than my real number of steps. I noticed, while doing these tests, that my Touch sometimes freezes and stops counting steps, for as much as 100 steps at a time... Adjusting the stride lenght doesn't help feeling very frustrated when at the end of a long walk, i get a very underestimated number of steps...

Hi Mara, I'd like to explain how the Touch tracks your steps. The Touch uses internal hardware to detect movement, and that movement is then determined to be a step (or not a step) based on a unique step tracking algorithm associated with the current software on your device. The latest software contains an edit to the step tracking algorithm meant to prevent "false steps" being recorded when repetitive motion is detected (e.g. while typing on a keyboard or riding in a car). While this edit does an excellent job of preventing false steps from tracking, it does increase the need for continuous motion in order for steps to track accurately. Please note: the Touch will not record your activity while the screen is on. 

Thank you for the answer. I did notice that the Touch does not record steps while on, but I noticed that the striiv app does show the steps recorded by the Touch almost in real time. So I did my test with the app on my phone in one hand and the Touch on the opposite wrist. It starts counting the steps okay, and then, it stops and does not record for as much as a hundred steps, and then it starts counting again. The steps are lost, it does not add them afterward. This is while walking at the same speed and with the same motion of the arm. I did these tests after each software update and the problem is always the same. I thought that the Touch was not a good steps tracker, but maybe it is my Touch that is faulty... Thank you again, and I am sorry if I thought wrongly that Neil had the same problem as me, which does not seem to be the case.
Oups, sorry again, I meant Karlee and not Neil...
I have that problem as well. It got stuck one day at 666. I looked at it, let the screen go black went for a 1/4 mile walk and then checked it again and it was still at 666 steps. I just think that striiv touch is not the greatest fitness tracker out there. I have adjusted my stride as well and it's still not calculating correctly. I did over 10,000 steps and it gave me 2.98 miles. When earlier In the week I did 6800 steps and it gave me 3 miles I think I have a faulty striiv touch and yes it is up date with the software.

If anyone is seeing recorded steps stuck, or not increasing as they should on the device itself, we encourage you to email us at for further diagnosis. Reported steps in the app won't necessarily always be updated to reflect the count on the device. Syncing data between the app and the device is done automatically when the app is running in the background of your phone. Data can be synced from the device to the app manually by double tapping the Striiv device with the app open. 

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