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Slow response

Got a Striiv Fusion in December, and for the first couple months of use, everything worked great.  All of a sudden, the battery life dropped by about 2/3rds, requiring a charge twice a day when in use, and equally frustrating is the SLOOOOWWW response of the touch screen.  It takes multiple double taps to wake, and to scroll from one menu to another is increasingly slow response, crawling across the screen.  I've also noticed it not registering my steps nearly as accurately.  Is there a way to factory reset?

Hi Clay!

There is a way, and doing so should take care of this issue. 

As this will delete all your data, please sync your Striiv Fusion with your app before resetting your device. 

To factory reset your device:

Turn on the Fusion and swipe to Apps > Settings (gear icon) > Factory Reset? > Tap the check mark to confirm. 

You will need to re-pair your Fusion with your phone after the reset is complete.


Striiv Customer Care

My Walgreens premium activity tracker (powered by Striiv) is brand new and i was having a hard time waking it by double tapping. It took me many, many frustrating times of trying to wake it to realize I am tapping to lightly. I have to double "press" the screen. Comes on every time now.

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