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Striiv Touch and Healthkit

Is it possible to sync a striiv touch with healthkit so I can track my steps in health? 

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Hi Richard, 

My apologies for the late reply to your inquiry. We are working on taking control of the forum and answering outstanding questions and concerns. We are currently looking into a link with Apple Health. We've heard a lot of feedback from our users asking for this capability. Thanks for writing in to let us know you're interested in the capability! 



Striiv Customercare

I am also looking to see Striiv interface with Healthkit


Ah, okay I'll add that to the list as well. Thanks for clarifying! 


I just wanted to follow up and see if you've been able to work out the interface issues with HealthKit? 

Hi Richard, not as of yet. We're still looking into this capability. Thanks for following up with us! We always appreciate a reminder that our users are interested in a link with Apple Health and HealthKit. 


I also would like to see this work please keep us posted on this and other updates.

This would be awesome to have since healthkit has so many possible informational displays that can be put on its dashboard.

How are we coming with this function?

This is actually a tricky one, since Apple's conditions for integrating with Healthkit are... let's just say "stringent" - we're looking into ways to make it possible to get your data into healthkit without finding ourselves totally locked down. Stay tuned, and thanks for being patient!

Mike, thanks for the update looking forward in seeing what you can come up with.


Hi. I want to buy a Striiv Fusion, just waiting for synchronization with apple heals. have any news when synchronizing?

Hi - so, like we said before, Apple has some pretty ugly business terms for integrating with HealthKit- it's not likely that we're going to do it any time soon, but there might be some third party solutions that will let you pull your data from one app and place it into another. 

Thank you for your response. 

Now using devices ihealth, they have good integration with healthkit, but very few functions.

forward integration healthkit and immediately buy your product.

Another function of the missing your product: a search for the phone.

Where did connectivity to my fitness pal go?
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