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Is MyLand too easy?

Hi Striiv users! 

We have been hearing from a lot of you that MyLand is getting to be too easy- you fill all of your islands up way too quickly, and then you have billions of coins and nothing to spend them on! 

We are soliciting your ideas- how can we make it more challenging to keep you interested? Big ideas are great for the long run, but we are also interested in small, simple things that we could implement now. 

Use this forum to start the conversation...

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I have loads of coins and gems but can't seem to generate much more than about 10000 energy despite doing about 4000 steps per day. Just me?

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1. What amount of energy is earned for each 1000 steps? I have 76million coins but can't get enough energy to do anything big. My Walgreens tracker version of Myland does not have any challenges. I walk about 5000 each day. Any plans for challenges? 2. I have put another brand tracker in one pocket, striiv in the other. Over 50% more steps from the other. Even when I count the steps myself I don't get nearly what it shows. Getting frustrated because I can't get enough energy points.

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no not too easy.worked for 3 days form then broke. app say time to harvest = 0:00:00 but click on it and nothing to harvest been stuck on 0 for over 6 hours now. reboot phone deleted app reinstalled relogged it. still stuck  at 0

Hi Tara, glad to hear MyLand serves as a motivating factor! Your interest in challenges and bonus items has been noted on our feature request log. We're taking a look at how MyLand fits into our current app experience, so your feedback is greatly appreciated!

I've been frustrated with the My Land game for a long time b/c it did seriously motivate me at the beginning but now that it's completely full, it really doesn't anymore.

My ideas for improving:

1) Of course add more islands/space

2) Allow for more fill in building around current items.  There always seems to be a ton of empty space that isn't utilized where you could build things, but the program doesn't allow for that.

3) Increase/change challenges.  I used to love trying to get more animals but I haven't seen an animal challenge in a year or two I assume b/c I have far too many to even be able to compete in one of the old challenges anymore.

4) One of the reasons that I don't want to wipe everything out is b/c I love all of the animals and so if I destroy certain trees I suspect i'll lose my dragons, but there's only so much space for those trees.  If you changed the program so that you didn't lose the animals once the structures were deleted, that would incentivize me at least to build and rebuild grandmother and grandfather trees in order to get more dragons and other hard to get animals.

5) If you could implement a reset button such that yes we lost everything and had to start from scratch with the structures but that it allowed you to get some sort of benefit, that might be a good incentive.  Example. If you reset your world after having unlocked all of the islands (perhaps lose all your animals/structures but not all your money and energy) and start over then you earn one gemstone and each gemstone you earn makes it easier for you to unlock a new world once you all finally release one.  I don't know - just something that cancels out the problem that I face which is that I don't want to delete everything only to find that you all release a new island in the next week or month and then feel like I'm completely behind the eight ball to get things done on that new world.

6) I find myself incredibly frustrated by having to hit every single coin.  One way to make the economy more even might be to provide money sinks like the boxes you can open.  I would be willing to pay a certain amount if for every day I could just hit one button and collect all of my money.  Or I'd be willing to pay more if I could use my MyLand success to earn more charitable donations, etc. etc.  The problem with the current boxes that you can buy is that every single time that I've bought one except one or two it's been a negative thing that's happened, where as any free ones I get are always a positive reward.  So I just don't find it rewarding to buy them.

Thanks for creating this post though - I really want to continue to enjoy my striiv so anything you can do to make it better would be awesome!


I would like to be able to convert my coins to gems so I can use them I have billions of coins, although I have just switch over to the new app and cannot find an area that shows how much money you have, I trailed it when it first came out but was missing heaps of things so a giving it another go
I have the Striiv app on my iPhone - started 4 days ago, have 3 islands, all full of stuff now, and millions of coins, and 17.5K of gems, and just have to grow stuff now so I can expand to the cloudy parts of the islands. It says I'm supposed to visit my islands to collect coins, but next harvest says 0:00:00 all the time, and there were only coins to collect the very first time I opened the app. But still, I have millions and millions of coins. I've been collecting coins from people I've added as friends, but are my island coins being auto collected? Is that why I have no coin icons and so many coins?

Is there another way to get energy, I know I just started, and with upgrades of the low end objects, I already have to walk for 2-3 days to update (taking about 10k steps a day).

Is there a level where daily deals and specials show up??? I have been playing for a year and it still says coming soon... so wondered if it appears when u reach a specific level?

Dragon??  I have had no mention of a dragon yet...I have 21 of 25 animals, when does it come into play or what tree or building do you have to buy to get the dragon??  I am loving my my land, so far, I am just working up to Turtle Island.  I don't think it is too easy so far, it takes me an appropriate amount of time to build up my energy to activate my items, I am currently working on my Grandmother tree.  

What else do I have to look forward, and is there somewhere I can go to see what I have in store for me?

Thanks!   Pamela

Cannot get my land /striiv app to function at all ... I tap on App, it opens up and then immediately closes.  Anyone have this problem and were thye albe to resolve it?

Hi Beverly, judging from your replies to our Facebook page and through email, it sounds like you're using the old Striiv Walkathon app. If that's the case, we have since discontinued the standalone Walkathon app in order to focus our efforts on the Activity Tracker app. Please continue to communicate with us via email and we'll get your questions and concerns sorted out. 

Hi, I made a comment that I don’t see here yet. How long does it take to show up or get answered?

Dian, I think you get as the same amount of energy as walking?  But glad to see other people also find this frustrating and the lack of information

I cannot even load the game, "loading" icon keeps spinning, and then it exits to main screen.  Have not been able to get into the game at all.  Running android 4.4.2.  I don't know if it because running android or there is a glitch in the system.  Any help would be appreciated in getting this to work.  Thanks!

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